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Today we are announcing some of our plans for the future of BellAir Golf Course!

Our course has been enjoyed for almost 50 years and it is ready for some upgrades and updates! You may have seen some of the work that has already begun with upgrading the on-course bathrooms; however much of what we’ve done so far is around the safety and security of the course and is not seen by most people. The heart of the course starts in the maintenance yard, where we’ve been working on safety and security for our guests, employees, and equipment. While we continue to work on this, we are now ready for our next phase!

Our next phase requires the course to be closed for three days of the week. During this time, you will see people working at the course to improve your enjoyment and safety.

New hours of operation through overseeing will be Thursday – Sunday from dawn to dusk!

If your curious about the course improvements, keep an eye on our social media pages for updates!

See you on the course!

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